"A Vote For HUMAN Is a Vote For PEOPLE"

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Hello, I am human. Yes, that's really my legal name. I'm a candidate for City Council for Ward 6 in Rochester, N.H.

This Web site will tell you a bit about how I have been advocating for the interests of everyday people like you and me, and how I plan to continue to do this on the City Council. I sincerely hope you will join in this effort by casting your vote for me on election day!

At present, the City of Rochester is in violation of a number of laws. The city is plagued by poverty, and our current City Council is out-of-touch with the needs of the general public.

As a candidate for City Council, I am committed to:

My platform, in short, is the people.

A Vote For HUMAN Is a Vote For...

For more information, you might want to read my Frequently-Asked Question (FAQ) list, available in both an abbreviated short version and a longer version with longer, more elaborate answers.

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How You Can Help

If you would like to support my campaign for City Council, there are several ways you could help:

  1. donate You could make a donation to the campaign fund.
  2. palm card You could volunteer to help distribute literature, etc.
  3. checkbox Of course, vote for me on election day!

I Want to Hear from You...

The most important thing for any elected representative is to listen to the wants and needs of people like you and me! You are invited and encouraged to contact me with any thoughs, feelings, comments, criticisms, ideas, or opinions you may have, about anything that's of importance to you. I am particularly interested to hear what reasons you have for the views you hold. Remember: You, The People are My Platform!

In the future, assuming I'm elected, I plan to expand this Web site to provide an interactive forum which voters like you and I will be able to use to provide feedback and express opinions on the issues that matter to you. Knowing what you, the people of Ward 6 want is essential if I am to diligently represent you and your interests on the City Council.

Don't Forget to Vote for HUMAN!

The municipal election will take place on November 3, 2015. More information on when & where to vote can be found here.

Remember: In our small city of Rochester, every vote counts!

Thank you!