"A Vote For HUMAN Is a Vote For PEOPLE"

Making a Donation

Like most election campaigns, the success of this one depends on donations from engaged and generous citizens like you. You can help to support this campaign by donating in the following ways.

Donate On-Line Using Rally

The fastest, easiest way to donate is probably through our donation page on

Other Ways to Donate On-Line

In case that donation page doesn't work, or you'd prefer to use a different donation service, you can also donate on-line using:

Donate by Mail

You may also simply mail a check or money order, payable to human, to:

human P.O. Box 666 (Really?) Rochester, NH 03866-0666

If you have trouble donating by any of the means above, or have further questions about donating, feel free to call me at (603) 614-4346 or e-mail

You can donate up to $25.00 without having to provide your address. However, if you donate more than $25.00, RSA 664:6, Reporting by Political Committee (WWW) requires us to collect and report your name and address to the N.H. Secretary of State. If your donations total more than $100.00, RSA 664:6, Reporting by Political Committee (WWW) also requires us to report your occupation, employer, and place of business. RSA 664:4 V(1), Prohibited Political Contributions (WWW) prohibits campaign contributions in excess of $1,000.00. RSA 664:4 V(2), Prohibited Political Contributions (WWW) also prohibits making campaign contributions anonymously or under a false name. For purposes of RSA 664:4 V(5), Prohibited Political Contributions (WWW), human is the candidate and fiscal agent for PEOPLE FOR HUMAN PAC.

Contributions or gifts to human or PEOPLE FOR HUMAN PAC may not deductible as charitable contributions for tax purposes. Please consult a qualified tax advisor. By donating, you certify that your donation is intended as a contribution to a political campaign as defined by RSA 664:2 VIII, Definitions (WWW) and not intended to influence any action, decision, opinion, recommendation, vote, nomination, or other exercise of discretion of a public servant or candidate for electoral office, as prohibited by RSA 640:2 I, Bribery in Official and Political Matters (WWW). By donating, you acknowledge that human and PEOPLE FOR HUMAN PAC understand your donation to be a contribution to a political campaign, and not for any purpose prohibited by law.

You may also help with this campaign by volunteering your time.

Thank you!